The List

So, here is a continually updated list of what I’ve been up to, communication wise. Most recent first. Hopefully if this all works out, the links should go either to a) another post with more information, or b) direct to the content.


Started the years science communicating curating parts of Smashfest, and took Spanners on the road to London.

Oh and I set things on fire to Parliament to highlight the need for better Primary science education. I learnt how to climb silks.

British Science Week happened, I talked, a lot, about science… But more excitingly I received two grants from Festival of the Mind and Arts Council England for two installations to be installed in September.  They are going to be big.

In June, as usual, Cheltenham Science Festival was BUSY.  New exciting demos for the BBC, and my Rainbow Show was in the main programme! Whoop – lets see what they let me get up to next year?

Shambala invited me back, and this time I took 12 of my best friends.  We took a little bit of KrebsFest to Shambala, exploring the hidden worlds around us, we #scienceselfies, 3D printers, virtual reality, cheese mites and me on stage pottering about with a new show, Hidden Worlds.

For Festival of the Mind 2016 the two installations I co-created and produced were big. I’m so proud of Metabolon, my second collaboration with Seiko Kinoshita.  In addition, working with Human Studios, Twin Karmakham and Duncan Brown we produced a fully immersive VR experience where the player was shrunk 50 million times smaller than life to be able to enter the inside of an E. coli.


Back to work in January, and back to engaging and audience, my first gig of the year was at the Seven Hill Women’s Institute, and was a bunch of laughs.

I was on the bill for the inaugural SmashFestUK Moment of Impact Show in February, where after an asteroid impact, a strange zombie presence invaded the stage. I protected myself using science.

MARCH = SCIENCE.  The BBC put me on LIVE TV!  Well live internet telly anyway.  I helped out on the Make It Digital Live Lesson on coding with Clara Amfo.  It was British Science Week, which saw the debut of Freddie and Mabel, my two MEGA NANOBOTS.  Completely differently CBBC called and asked me to make a tonne of Oobleck for Marrying Mum and Dad.

June = Cheltenham Science Festival, obvs.  Not only did I do the usual science busking for the BBC, but Throwing Spanners at Nanobots was in the Winston Cruicible.

I went on my Science Summer Hols,  and took Dr. Nate’s Rainbow Show to Shambala Music and Arts Festival. Ace.

I did some work, wrote some papers (see the publications list above to see above), turned 30, bought a house (STILL DON’T HAVE A PUPPY) between August and October, and then KrebsFest happened. A giant E. coli, a MEGA Green Fluorescent Protein, Dance, Raps, building sized video games.  Seven weeks.

Somehow I fitted in CBBC Live and Digital, where I wrote and present a bunch of new demos to go along with the new series of Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom.


I took some time off in front of an audience in November, and instead organised the Sheffield’s inaugural FameLab heat, which was then quickly followed by doing a bit of science with Brownies, where I got my ‘Science Investigator’ badge. Christmas happened and I had a holiday.

October started with CBeebies Peter Pan at the Salford Quays, where I designed and ran a preschoolers Science zone and performed on stage in front of hundreds of 3 year olds, then I did Science Showoff, science comedy for an adult audience.

September saw a whole bunch of content land which I prerecorded months ago.  It saw the launch of my BBC Bitesize films on coding and also my 3 minutes of madness on CBBC’s Marrying Mum and Dad. Then I presented my brand new talk, Woodcut Science at the Festival of the Mind in Sheffield.

In August I did two days at the Edinburgh Festival with BBC Learning, compering the Pink Tent with Hacker’s Coding Maze, and a bit of a documentary film on the Lunar Society, recreating some famous demonstrations.

June saw me at CBBC Live in NewcastleGateshead presenting the brand new show, Hacker’s Coding Maze, followed by an amazing week at Cheltenham Science Festival, filled with all the usuals funs and peoples I love.  I facilitated at the Biochemistry Societies SciComm training day and then hoped on a plane home for my hols.

May: Saw me set myself on fire for May Fayre in Western Park, Sheffield and do my first ever science comedy for Science Showoff in London.

March: Hectic with a day’s filming for CBBC’s Marrying Mum and Dad, a 4 days of Bang Fair! and then NSEW saw me do a live show for Discovery Night at the University. Then I gave a talk at 4 am on my research for the 24 hour Inspiration 4 Life event in aid of Western Park Hospital.